Slurry Lagoon Lining

We provide plastic lining for slurry lagoons providing containment for slurry.

An effective and cheaper solution to concreting your slurry lagoon. We use minimum 2mm thick liner or thicker if required to comply with any spec. If the ground requires it we recommend using Geotextile as a protective layer.

All our work complies fully with CQA (Certified Quality Assurance). Our work meets the Environmental Agency’s legal requirements.

Our Slurry Lagoon Lining Service

  • Go out to inspect ground & size of slurry lagoon
  • Advise on whether geotextile is required based on the quality of ground, and ensure the slurry lagoon is ready for lining
  • Provide full quotation including timescales
  • Work is carried out to high standards and to specification. Certificate can be issued following completion of work.